Your Hampshire County Bin

What to put in the recycling bin in Hampshire (for more info, check out the Hampshire county council website)

  • Clean and dry tins and cans (not dirty cans or paint tins)
  • Empty aerosols (no camping gas canisters, hazardous aerosols (eg: oven cleaner – will be identifiable with a hazardous symbol or similar on the container), or aerosols that are pierced or squashed)
  • Paper, envelopes (including brown/with windows), junk mail, magazines, catalogues, directories, yellow pages (not shredded paper, gift wrap, wet/soiled paper, tissues, paper towels or photographs)
  • Cardboard with wrapping tape and staples removed (no soiled items eg: takeaways)
  • Cleaned, dried and squashed plastic bottles/milk cartons (you can leave the lids and labels on)
  • Other than this, all other recyclable waste MUST be recycled alternatively as other waste takes time and money to be removed from your bin or could even contaminate your entire bin full of perfectly recyclable stuff!
  • Please note that where it is listed to put things in ‘your grey waste bin’ this does mean that the things thrown away will be going to a landfill site
  • Please note that where it is listed that the item should go to Basingstoke Waste Recycling Centre (RG24 8PL) this does not necessarily mean that it will be recycled
What to look for on your items

If details listed have changed since they were originally uploaded, there are items you would like to see that are missing, or you know of another place/organisation that will take these items, contact us